FIRST PERSON Expands To Moody Stations

Anyone who knows me, knows I spent many years in ministry at Moody Radio at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I started there as an announcer on WMBI when I was 22 years old and left nearly 33 years later. My years at Moody were a career dream come true as working in radio was the only thing I ever wanted to do since I was a child. To be honest, not every day was fun, but there were some really great times. Because my voice is still heard sometimes on Moody, many people don’t even realize that I left 5 1/2 years ago. Someone just asked me again this morning if I miss Moody and my answer is yes, I miss the teamwork we experienced in putting programs on the air, and I miss doing live radio on a daily basis, but I love what I do now for many different ministries just as much if not more.

Well, the reason I started self-producing FIRST PERSON, a weekly interview program, was that I had really grown to love interviewing as a part of my work at Moody. When I left, I suddenly had no regular outlet for doing one-on-one interviews. So, FIRST PERSON was born two years ago. Even though I had no commitment from any radio station to carry it, with the help of producer Joe Carlson, we started anyway by just putting it online for listeners to find.

Soon, radio stations began to take note and the station list started to grow. Dale Davis of PreEminent Media came along and helped, until we now something in excess of 150 stations who carry FIRST PERSON every week. I am very grateful for those “early adopters” who saw value in an interview program.

Now, starting Saturday, October 6, we come full circle.  Moody Radio has announced that they plan to add FIRST PERSON to their satellite programming service, making it available to a large number of new radio stations.  It’s not entirely clear at this point what specific stations will add us, or even how many new stations there will be, but we do know that it will be heard on WCRF in Cleveland (Sat. 6:30 pm ET) and WMBI-FM in Chicago (Sat. 6:30 pm CT).

Another exciting development is that FIRST PERSON will also be added that same day to the program schedule of Trans World Radio/United Kingdom (Sat. 9pm). Our guest on Oct. 6 will be Dr. Michael Youssef, telling his life story of fleeing Egypt and how God has led him.

So, the journey that began over 38 years ago on WMBI continues.  Thank you, Moody Radio.





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