Angel Tree 2015

NOTE:  To hear my FIRST PERSON interview, a powerful Angel Tree story, click here:

For the past several years it has been a wonderful privilege to host the Angel Tree radio special on behalf of Prison Fellowship. Angel Tree was started by the late Chuck Colson as a means of ministry to the families of incarcerated men and women. The encouraging stories that have come from both the volunteers as well as the recipients have been extremely heartwarming testimonies of God at work.

In addition to this year’s radio special to be heard on many stations, I asked that I might interview someone on FIRST PERSON to tell a single Angel Tree story and illustrate the power of this ongoing ministry. So, coming up on the weekend of December 19 on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear the story of Judy Mills who has led an Angel Tree ministry at her church in Oklahoma City now for several years. Joining Judy will be Michelle Rainey who, as a young teenager, took care of her younger siblings while her mother served a prison term. The intersection of Michelle’s life with Judy and Angel Tree has made all the difference in the world to Michelle and you’ll hear her dramatically tell the story.

If you would like to contribute to Angel Tree this year, please follow this link. And on behalf of the children who will receive a gift from their mom or dad in prison, thank you for your generosity.

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