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FIRST PERSON Demo Released

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Welcome to the online release of the FIRST PERSON radio demo!

FIRST PERSON, a weekly, 24 minute radio program, was created out of a simple desire to pass along to you the stories of people whom I bump into every week as I host a variety of radio projects. Sometimes it’s not possible to spend concentrated time with guests, allowing them to speak freely about their life and experiences, learning how God works through people to build His Kingdom. FIRST PERSON will give that opportunity. Some of the guests will be names you recognize. Others you will not. But all will teach you something about trusting Jesus Christ more fully with your life.

If you are a radio station programmer, FIRST PERSON will be available via FTP each week, beginning October 1, 2010. Please email me at if you would like additional information about placing FIRST PERSON. The program will contain no financial appeals and at this time is not sponsored by anyone other than myself. It’s that simple.

This new radio show will have a dedicated website in a few weeks, but while that is being constructed this is our temporary home away from the studio. When it is built, the FIRST PERSON website will contain an audio archive of each week’s show and all past programs, as well as a calendar of upcoming guests and topics. We also plan to release FIRST PERSON as a podcast on ITunes and elsewhere– details to follow.

Facebook and Twitter? Yes, of course! “FIRST PERSON with Wayne Shepherd” on Facebook and “FirstPerRadio” on Twitter.

Thank you for taking a little time to review FIRST PERSON. I can’t wait to get started with providing a new show each week, beginning October 1.

It’s Time. A New Radio Show.

It’s time. I’ve been thinking and praying about this for multiple years, ever since establishing Wayne Shepherd Communications. You see, this is a step of faith for me. This is a program born of my own God-guided desire to use whatever ability the Lord has provided to me for His glory. One key way I can do that is by helping people tell their stories through broadcast interviews.

So, here we go– the new program will be called First Person with Wayne Shepherd. It will be a weekly interview show (24:30) and it goes on the air October 1, 2010.

Why another show? Because I constantly run into people and ideas and think to myself that I wish I had an outlet to talk to that person and share the conversation with others. There are so many interesting people and stories that my life intersects with on a weekly basis. Whether I’m traveling on an assignment somewhere here in the U.S., or even overseas, I often have to walk away from interview opportunities because, until now, I’ve had no outlet to turn to for general interviews. I’m sure I’ll talk with an author or two, but I also plan to talk with Christian leaders, speakers, musicians, filmmakers, business leaders and a wide variety of people with stories. Although approached from a biblical worldview, the topics will not necessarily be limited to Christian themes and issues, but will reflect life in general. Each program will feature a single guest and topic.

First Person with Wayne Shepherd will be made available to radio stations via my ftp site and archived on my website. Of course, there are many details to work out, not the least of which is putting the pilot program together. If you are a radio station manager or PD, let me know if you have any interest in hearing the demo. You can email me: If you are an interested friend, I would appreciate your prayers as I take this step. By God’s grace, I am committed to this for the long haul. And with God all things are possible.

2010 Audie Award Nominations

One of the organizations I have worked closely with, especially the past couple of years, is Oasis Audio. In addition to narrating a number of audio books, it has been my privilege to interview many of the Oasis authors as a bonus feature on many of their new products. These interviews are also available on the bonus content page of

Publisher Dan Balow announced this week that Oasis has had 9 of their titles nominated for the 2010 Audie Awards, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association. Among the finalists is THE BIRTH ORDER BOOK by Dr. Kevin Leman which I read for Oasis. I’ve interviewed Kevin many times through the years on radio and it was great fun to be a part of this audio project.

Congratulations to the whole team at Oasis! The winners will be announced in New York in May.

National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville

As far as I can remember, my first trip to the National Religious Broadcasters convention took place in 1972– but it could have been 1971– I’m not very good at dates, if you couldn’t tell. But I do remember this:  Not only was it my first visit of Washington D.C., it also marked the first time I ever flew in a plane. I had started working on the air as a Cedarville college freshman at WCDR in Ohio in 1970, becoming the exalted Student Manager in my sophomore year under the watchful eye of General Manager Paul Gathany. Well, he couldn’t have been watching too closely, because I fell in love with his secretary (also a student) and Becky and I were married in 1973. We both worked for WCDR the first year we were married, before moving to Chicago. Somewhere along the line, Paul decided that I needed to go with him to the NRB convention, then held in the Washington Hilton Hotel. I don’t think I’ve missed more than a couple of them since that first lofty experience. Thanks, Paul.

All that reminiscing to say that I’m again looking forward to this year’s convention. It has been a great venue for not only learning through the years, but also of making and reacquainting myself with dear friends who serve Christ in the arena of broadcasting and communication. If you are going, I hope we can connect.

Good grief, did I say I started on radio in 1970? I’m good enough with dates to know this is 2010. That makes this my 40th year in radio.

Churches Helping Haitian Churches

Like many of you, I have been watching TV coverage of the Haitian earthquake and have had to turn it off from time to time because it’s all so overwhelming.  Then, later, I turn the television back to one of the cable news channels and watch more.  Also like you, we are praying for the victims and have given to a couple of ministries who are adept at providing a quick response to these types of tragic events.

This morning, I awoke to find out that God has laid it on the heart of James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll, along with some others, to travel to Haiti this week and gather whatever information they can about how best to help the churches of Haiti during this crisis.  You’ll find much more information about it at a website that was just launched today, As the week goes on, I’m sure new information will be added.

Pray for them this week as they go.  There is little doubt that their hearts will be broken and they will be changed by what they see and hear.  Perhaps most importantly, they will come home with a plan for how we can best help the Haitian church.  “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Goin’ Down To Georgia

When the movies Facing The Giants and Fireproof were released, it was great fun to host the live radio coverage of the premiers in Los Angeles in the Arclight Theatre. Now, the church in Albany, Georgia where these successful movies were birthed, is set to announce their newest film project. The announcement is to be made this Sunday, Nov. 15, in a Sunday night service at Sherwood Baptist. You can check out the website

On assignment with Renaissance Communications and my good friend Joe Battaglia, I will be providing audio clips of the announcement and interviews with Alex and Stephen Kendrick. These audio clips will be posted late Sunday night and will be available for radio stations to download and use on Monday morning broadcasts. I’ll be talking with both Alex and Stephen Kendrick as well as Pastor Michael Catt, Ex. Producer Jim McBride, and others. The audio can be downloaded here:

Do I know what the movie will be? Nope, it’s a big secret and I will find out when everyone else does Sunday night 🙂

The Hole in Our Gospel

Since I do a lot of author interviews, there are many books that cross my desk. I usually don’t have to go looking for them- they find me. Honestly, there are some that I read cover to cover not only in anticipation of talking with the author, but because it’s a good book and it has captivated me. Then there are the books that I “radio read”, skimming through them, usually because there isn’t enough time to read everything that I need to in preparing for the interview. However, once in a while there is a book that I pursue whether it finds me or not. One of those books is The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, U.S.

I wanted to read The Hole in Our Gospel, not to prepare for any interview, but because I had heard so many people I respect talk about how much it had meant to them. After reading it, I now know why. It was, as expected, a well thought out and biblical call to serve the poor of this world in the name of Jesus Christ. Scripture is clear on God’s expectations for how we treat the poor and the statistics that are documented in this book compel us to action. What I did not expect, was the personal story as Rich Stearns told of his own awakening to the issue. As a very successful CEO of a large corporation, the way in which God prepared his heart and controlled the circumstances surrounding his call to lead World Vision is a powerful reminder to me that our life is not our own. Rich Stearns’ life reminds me yet again that “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Prov. 16:9).