Dr. Robert Bowman 1915-2014

slider-bob_bowman-1000x400px-600x240A couple of years ago, I was privileged to join the Board of the Far East Broadcasting Company.  By then, Dr. Robert Bowman had long since retired but I got to meet him on at least two occasions and express my appreciation for his pioneer work in establishing FEBC, starting in 1945.  Dr. Bob Bowman was a giant in my mind who never lost his heart desire to “Reach the World for Christ through Radio”.  Since joining this ministry, I’ve met many of the men and women who serve Christ today in dozens of countries through FEBC and I have  profound respect for their ministry which reaches deep into people’s lives.  Dr. Bowman died last week, at nearly 99 years of age.  Thank you, Lord, for gifting this man and equipping him for Your service in the Kingdom.