As a kid, I use to lay in bed at night with a transistor radio and earphone (yes, just one mono earphone in those days) and listen to radio stations. My favorite was WJR in Detroit and one or two other stations that featured great talk shows. I could only dream that someday I would get on the other side of the mic and be the host of shows like the ones I listened to lying in bed in a rural farmhouse.kidwradio460

Now, looking back over several decades of hosting shows on Christian radio stations from coast to coast and beyond, it still amazes me that I have the privilege of doing what I do.

For almost 4 years now, we’ve been producing FIRST PERSON, a weekly interview show which has the simple formula of people telling their story of God working in and through them. I happened to look at the list of programs today in the archive and saw that there have been over 200 FIRST PERSON interviews to date.

From the beginning we have placed those conversations on the website in the audio archive where you can stream any program online. You can also use the smartphone app Stitcher to listen each week.

What you may not know is that FIRST PERSON is also available as a weekly podcast on iTunes. You can subscribe at no cost and have each week’s program downloaded automatically to your device. You can choose 1 or all 200 shows to download and take with you anywhere you go. Subscribe via iTunes here.

Let me know how you choose to listen to FIRST PERSON– and whether you prefer to listen in just one ear, or two.