First Person sans photoIt’s been awhile since I mentioned any update here about FIRST PERSON, the interview program I started for radio stations a few years ago.  When launched, FIRST PERSON didn’t have a single commitment from any radio station that they would include it in their on-air schedule– not surprising because we had no dollars to pay for any airtime. With my wife’s encouragement, we began anyway believing that it was the Lord who was leading us to start the program.  Anything less would have been to reject the Lord’s leading and direction. Today, FIRST PERSON is heard on over 200 radio stations and their extended translators– and we still pay no air time expenses, it is graciously provided by radio ministries who see it as a unique program worthy of their support as it serves their listeners.  On our website we’ve recently begun to post a list of radio stations which carry FIRST PERSON each week. Hundreds of listeners visit the website each month to learn more about the people and ministries that are highlighted, or to listen to a past program archived online.

FIRST PERSON is also released as a podcast on iTunes and other podcast portals such as Stitcher, so that it is very easy to subscribe and have the program delivered to your computer or mp3 device automatically.

It would be hard to mention everyone by name who has contributed to the success of FIRST PERSON,  but I especially want to thank my good friend and producer, Joe Carlson who has faithfully served, mostly as a volunteer, to bring you FIRST PERSON each week.  Dale Davis of Pre-Eminent Media has also been a great help in getting the word out about FIRST PERSON and securing stations.  So, a special shout out to these two friends.

Thanks for listening!

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