New FEBC Radio Feature

Ever since I joined the Board of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) 3 years ago, it has been my hope that we might again use Christian radio to tell the stories that come from the ministry of FEBC. I say again because when I started in radio many years ago, the Founder of FEBC, Dr. Bob Bowman, had a program called The Bowman Report which I remember well as it told stories of FEBC’s ministry in some far-off places of the world.NRB-2015-5331-L

Now, in a world where those places seem closer than ever, that dream has come true through the start of a new, 2 minute, daily radio feature called FEBC TODAY. Starting Monday, April 6, my friend and FEBC President Ed Cannon and I will be on the air everyday with a new story from the millions of lives touched by FEBC across a huge swath of the earth’s real estate. The radio programs of FEBC are heard in over 100 local languages in nearly 50 countries of the world– countries throughout Asia, Central Asia, SE Asia, and Eurasia. FEBC received over 2 million listener responses last year, so we have just a few to choose from!

FEBC TODAY will be available to radio stations at no charge, distributed through the Amb-OS satellite  service. The program contains no financial appeals– just stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Photo: Ed Cannon receives 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Milestone award on behalf of FEBC)

We have received commitments from some key stations and networks to air FEBC TODAY, and will be happy to share the program with others. You can email me at for more information on how to add FEBC TODAY to your station or programming service.

Here’s a sample of the new program:

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