Recent Audiobook Projects

Photo on 7-9-13 at 9.23 AM #3There are never two days quite the same in my world. I enjoy having the opportunity of hosting a number of different radio programs– some daily, and some weekly. Each has it’s own personality and style and I am often “the other guy” on mic with the person (or people) who provide the bulk of the content.  It’s a role I’m very comfortable with. Even on my own program, FIRST PERSON, I like to make sure that the guest and their story is front and center– not the interviewer.  Although I’ve wanted to be in radio since I was a child (even though I had NO idea what that meant), I agree with the person who said, “We don’t get the life we deserve, but the life God designs”. I never could have dreamed or outlined the direction I would eventually take, but it is very rewarding at this stage of life to be able to say that I love what God has designed and equipped me to do.

In addition to the regular and special radio programs I host, here are some recent audiobook titles which I have voiced:


You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado.  A gifted writer, it always amazes me how simply Max writes, and yet how emotionally powerful it is.9948473_w185

This audiobook was produced by Brilliance Audio in Grand Haven, MI, and recorded in their studios. A very busy shop, I counted a total of 10 recording booths all working simultaneously recording all sorts and genres of titles. Brilliance is part of the Amazon company.

Two other titles that were offshoots of You’ll Get Through This were also recorded, God Will Carry You Through, and God Will Use This For Good.

While I was in the Brilliance studios, we decided to also tackle a short Christmas audiobook by Dr. Billy Graham, titled God’s Blessings At Christmas.

Watch for the release of these audiobooks soon from Brilliance Audio.


9781613752630Another very enjoyable recent audiobook narration was The Spiritual World of The Hobbit, by James Stuart Bell.  Produced for Oasis Audio in my own studio, I had to go deeper than I had ever gone before in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien (yes, he preferred to pronounce his name Tol’keen). Jim Bell and I once worked at Moody Bible Institute at the same time, he at Moody Publishers and me in Moody Radio. This is a very fine book, bringing out the spiritual lessons to be learned from Tolkien’s great book. More information and an audio sample of the book is here.




Finally, a good business book:  The Lemonade Stand; What Every Entrepreneur Should Know to Succeed in Starting and Running Any Business.  The title and subtitle describes it well. I enjoyed narrating and learning from this book by Ara Bagdasarian and Nick Gustavsson. It’s found at here.