Sunday Night at Sherwood

Last night was the service at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA which announced the next movie from the makers of FIREPROOF. The movie will be called COURAGEOUS, calling men and fathers back to their biblical role of spiritual leadership. The plot will involve a group of police officers who are called to “serve and protect”, a symbol of the role to which God calls all men.

The service at Sherwood was extremely powerful as Stephen and Alex Kendrick, Jim McBride, and Pastor Michael Catt explained how much thought and prayer has gone into determining the theme of the next movie. Michael Catt began by describing their method of decision making– after prayer and searching the Scriptures, there has to be complete unity among them before they move ahead on any point. No 3-1 votes, but complete unity.

As I heard the presentation and thought about the character and commitment to Christ of the men and women involved in this, I began to wonder and pray even now for a spiritual revival to be the fruit of their efforts dedicated to God’s glory.

You can read more about the movie which now enters a intense few months of writing, casting, and production at

I have uploaded a number of radio interviews that I did following last night’s service at Sherwood. They are on the front page of my website as featured audio.

I know the whole Sherwood team deeply desires your prayers as they launch their next movie.